Are Blinds Better Than Curtains?

The bottom line is that if you like curtains as window treatments for your home, then nothing should put you off hanging them. They are perfectly good and remain one of the most popular ways of dressing a window in Australia. That said, they do not offer all of the features that a high-quality set of blinds will. What is it about blinds that make them superior to curtains in many regards? Read on to find out.

Vertical Operation

Except for a vertical, slatted blind which you can move left and right, all modern blinds move up and down. This is the case whether you are talking about a set of Venetians, roller blinds or the Roman variety. Why does a vertical operation count? Well, the answer is that most of the sunlight that comes into your home is located at the top of your window. Therefore, if you want to reduce the amount of light that is penetrating the glazing effectively, you need to cut out the uppermost part of it. By lowering a roller blind a few centimetres, for example, you can dim the room to an acceptable level without excessive glare while still ensuring that it does not feel gloomy. With a pair of curtains, you simply cannot do this. You can pull them part-way across, of course, but this will still leave a chink of light that will mean glare persists. Either that or you have to pull them all the way across and sit in the dark.

More Light Control

As you can see, there is a lot more control when you have vertically operating window treatments compared to horizontal ones. However, if you want an even finer level of control, you should opt for a set of Venetian blinds. Because they come with slats, you can adjust both the height of the window treatment as well as the pitch of them. In other words, you can determine the degree to which light comes in very easily by altering the angle at which the slats sit. This offers you the ability to fine-tune light levels while also maintaining a good degree of privacy from anyone walking past your window outside.


Generally speaking, blinds are a more cost-effective option than curtains. True, you can pick up some very cheap curtains these days but they will not block out the sun because these less expensive ones tend not to be lined fully. On the other hand, most blinds are sold at a reasonable price and will do a much better job of preventing unwanted light ingress, something that is especially important in bedrooms, of course.

For more information, reach out to a blinds supplier in your area.