3 Tips on How to Care for Your Container Plants

Plants and flowers add life to a home and backyard and give the property a natural look and feel. However, achieving this scenic view and relaxing atmosphere with container plants doesn't always come without effort. If you have visited a trade market and bought plants only for them to die after a few weeks, you know how heartbreaking it can feel. Just like plants in a nursery, container plants require special care to ensure that they grow and thrive. Here are some of the useful tips that you can utilize as you tend to these plants.

Get the right soil

Soil acts as the foundation on which your plants will grow. It allows water absorption and provides nutrients to the plants. If you get the wrong one, your plants will lack water and nutrients, and they may eventually die. As you buy your plants, ask an expert for advice on the best soil for the specific type of plant. Do not just pick dirt from your yard because it may contain clay, which holds too much water. If your plants are not meant to grow in clay soils, their roots will rot and die.

Water correctly

How much water do your plants need? Should they be watered daily or after a few days? As you get container plants for your home, find out their water requirements from the nursery. Plants have varying water requirements—some need to be watered every day, while others just need enough to last them a whole week.  Make sure you know what your plants need to maximize their chances of growth. Also, take care not to be deceived by the condition of the surface soil when watering. Sometimes, the sun can dry out the topsoil while the soil inside the container is still adequately wet. Dig up the soil and make sure it is dry before watering the plants.

Choose the best placement location

Some plants require adequate exposure to the sun to grow. These are known as full-sun plants. When placed under shades or in areas of the home that don't receive much sunlight, these plants will not thrive. Therefore, as you get them from the nursery, ask about their sun requirements. Full-sun plants should be placed in open areas where they will receive most of the day's sunlight. Avoid putting them under trees or in dark corners. If you want indoor container plants, make sure that they can survive with minimal exposure to the sun.

Visiting a nursery or trade market to get your favorite plants is just the first step to enjoying the benefits of natural plants. Follow these tips to make sure that your plants thrive and do not end up dying or jeopardizing your investment.