Does Your Home Need New Gutters?

Gutters may not be the most glamorous or attractive feature of a home's exterior, but they are one of the most important! Gutters keep rainwater away from the home's exterior, so that there is less risk of water leaks and other such damage to the foundation, and less risk of water pooling on the lawn, causing damage to the soil and your landscaping.

Because gutters are so important for the house and the lawn itself, this is why it's good to have them replaced when needed. If you're not sure of when to have the gutters on your home inspected for needed upgrades, note a few signs that indicate that it's time to call a roof plumber to check your home's guttering system:


When it rains or when it's very windy outside, note if you can hear the sound of the home's gutters banging around. If so, this often means that they've pulled away from the home and need new connectors to the roof, or around the seams of the gutters themselves. You might even give the gutters a visual inspection and note if they have pulled away from the roof. If you see gaps between the gutters and the roof edges, this often means the gutters are very old and worn and are no longer able to hold the weight of water and debris, and may need replacing.

Curled roof edges

When roofing tiles curl up around their edges, this can be the result of algae growing on the roof, or because of the tiles being exposed to hot sunlight, so that they get brittle and then shrink and curl. However, if the tiles along the roof edges are the only ones that are curled up and damaged, this often means they've been in contact with standing water. This happens when the home's gutters get overly full and don't drain away that water as they should. Your home may need larger gutters or additional downspouts, to help the gutters drain properly and keep rainwater off the roof edges.

Soil conditions

Your property's soil could be very wet and muddy for a variety of reasons, but if you notice the soil close to the home being overly moist, this is often an issue with the home's guttering. When the gutters overflow because of being too small, the soil directly under the roof edges will get muddy or soft. If you notice puddles close to the home, or that your flowers and shrubbery by the home seem to be wilting, have the home's gutters checked for needed replacement.

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