How to Choose a Pool for a Small Backyard Space

Homeowners with very large yards and unlimited space can usually choose any type of pool that suits them, with a deep end for diving and even an attached hot tub or sauna for soaking. However, for smaller yards and limited space, you can still have a pool installed, but may need to take a bit more time to choose the right type and size for that space. Note a few tips on how to choose a pool for a small backyard space, so you know what will fit and what to avoid with your new pool.

Consider an Above-ground Pool

An above-ground pool will likely have more water that splashes over the sides and which might then hit your landscaping features, a nearby fence, or a garage. In-ground pools have water that is below ground level, so much less water actually makes it way out of the pool. With this in mind, if you do choose an above-ground pool, note how close it might be to a wood fence or any outbuilding, and if pool water and the chemicals in the water would then cause damage. You might want to scale down the pool size, or choose something long and narrow rather than round, to be able to keep more space between the pool and anything else in the yard.

Consider the Shape

If you're having an in-ground, concrete pool poured for your backyard, consider the best shape. A rounded pool may give you more space for seating around the edge, and this can be good if you want to socialize while enjoying the water. However, a rounded shape can cut into the backyard space, reducing your area in the yard for a patio and other such features. A long, rectangular pool may not be the best for socializing, but it may give you more room for actually swimming laps in the pool, and for fitting your patio in the yard.

Consider the Patio and Lounging Space

To keep wasted space in your small backyard to a minimum, consider if you can have a concrete patio footing poured right up to the pool's edge. You can also usually have bamboo slats for a wood deck installed by the pool. By running the patio space to the pool's edge, and having the pool designed to include the patio space around its ledge, you'll have a more cohesive look to the pool and lounging areas. This will remove wasted space between the patio pavers or decking material and the pool, so you maximum the use of what limited space you have in your yard.