Three Important Considerations for Glass Shower Screen Selection

If you are interested in enhancing your bathroom space, you should think about installing a glass shower screen. This new feature will boost the visual appeal of the room, giving it a more polished appearance. Also, the screen will separate the shower space with the rest of the bathroom, eliminating the problems caused by splashes and spills. If you are purchasing a glass shower screen for the first time, here are some factors to help you choose the best product. 

Specific Glass 

You should consider the different types of glass which are available in the market before making your choice. The selected product will determine the strength, durability and appeal of the new feature. If you would like a simple, clean glass look, you should purchase a standard tempered glass door. This option is clear, but it has a greenish tint. If you would like completely clear glass sheets, you can choose a low iron alternative, but the cost will be higher.

Shower screens can also have more visual interest. Therefore, if you are looking for a focal point feature, you should look into a patterned glass because it has exciting designs. You can also purchase and install an etched or textured panel if you want an attractive but subtle screen. You should think about increasing your privacy by selecting frosted glass. If you are not sure about using genuine glass, consider choosing the acrylic glass alternative.

Framed or Frameless

When choosing your glass shower screen, you should decide between framed and frameless panels. As implied, framed panes have supporting frames which hold up the glass sheets. These are cheaper than the frameless alternative because the design can use lighter glass. The metal will provide the needed support and stability. Frameless glass screens have no frames around the panes. The glass sheets are held in place by small metal spigots. The cost of purchase of this glass is higher because the panes have to be thicker. However, the clean, uninterrupted appearance is incomparable.

Door Installation 

Finally, you should think about the installation style for the glass shower screen door. It is essential to choose a design which will match your bathroom and fit in the available space. If your bathroom has plenty of space around the shower area, you can install a hinged door which swings open. On the other hand, a bathroom with limited space will work better with a sliding door. The door panel will move along parallel tracks around the shower screen when opening, conserving space.