Cleaning and Maintenance Tips for Your Area Rug

Area rugs are a great way to add a pop of colour and some plush cosiness into your home. However, homeowners tend to neglect their cleaning and maintenance, as they assume they do not need as much attention as larger carpets. If your area rug is in a location that receives high traffic, it will steadily accumulate dirt and debris, which would make it harbour pollutants. Moreover, leaving debris to collect in the rug could also translate into the early deterioration of the carpet, as the fibres become compromised. In addition to investing in professional deep cleaning at least annually, below are some of the cleaning and maintenance tips that you should utilise.

Tip 1: Get rid of debris

Before you start cleaning your area rug, you need to eliminate any loose debris that has accumulated inside the carpet fibres. Scrubbing or brushing the area rug when the debris is still inside it will cause friction on the threads, and this will end up wearing them down. Additionally, not eliminating the debris would increase the chances of the particles becoming compacted at the base of the rug, making it even harder to clean as time goes on. Therefore, you should start the cleaning process by taking a vacuum to the carpet and getting rid of the loose grime.

Tip 2: Check the colourfastness and tackle stubborn stains

No matter what type of cleaning agent that you will be using on your area rug, you need to start by checking the colourfastness of the fibres. This is necessary to ensure the cleaning detergent does not have caustic agents that could affect the appearance of your carpet. Check the colourfastness of your rug by rubbing some of the cleaning detergents on a corner of the fabric, and watch to see if the colour runs. If the detergent does not react with the carpet, then you can proceed to apply the stain removal agents on the smudges in your carpet. Take note not to rub off the stains; instead blot them out after the stain removal agents have been left to sit for a while. After tackling all the stubborn stains, you can either put the rug in the washing machine or hand wash it.

Tip 3: Put your area rug out to dry

A mistake some people make is not giving their area rug enough time to dry. If the rug does not dry sufficiently, it will be vulnerable to water damage, the growth of mildew and other problems. Adequate drying is particularly essential if your area rug is made from natural materials such as sisal. When the top area of your rug has dried, be sure to flip it over and let the base dry too before you put it back into the home.

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