Are You Torn Between a Gas and Electric Push Mower?

Powered push-type mowers are commonly found in homes with small to medium-sized lawns. They can help create a big visual impact in the home by cutting the grass in the lawn to the proper size. Push-type mowers can either be powered by gasoline or electricity. If you're considering buying a new push-type mower to meet your lawn care responsibilities and need help choosing between gas-powered push mowers and electric push mowers, here's what you need to know about each variety so you can make a better informed choice.

Gas-powered push mowers

These push mowers rely on gas-powered engines to operate. They are ideal for cutting grass in homes with small to medium-sized lawns. Thanks to the rugged design and robust construction of the engines used on gas-powered mowers, home owners get to enjoy the best blend of power and efficiency. As a matter of fact, most gas-powered push mowers can cut tall, thick grass without any problems. What is more, gas-powered mowers are built to withstand rough handling, making them more durable than most electric mowers. 

While they offer the above highlighted benefits, gas-powered mowers do have some disadvantages. They produce exhaust emissions, which can be detrimental to people's health and harmful to the environment. In addition to that, they're loud and require regular maintenance and periodic tune-ups to work better.

Electric push mowers

Unlike gas-powered mowers, electric mowers release zero emissions, meaning they are a healthier choice for people as well as the environment they live in. Most of the older models are corded, meaning they require a long extension cord connected to an electric outlet to function. Many of the newer models, on the other hand, are cordless, so they eliminate the hassle of planning the best way to mow the lawn without being limited to work within the operating range of the mower based on the cord length. 

Like gas-powered mowers, electric mowers also have some disadvantages. While they offer a 'green' way to cut the lawn, they are generally not as powerful as their gas-powered counterparts. Electric mowers are ideal for use in homes with smaller, flatter lawns and they work best when used to cut grass that isn't too high or thick. 

Now that you've weighed the benefits and downsides of both gas-powered and electric push mowers, you probably now feel better able to make a correct decision on which type of mower best suits your needs. For more information, contact a company like Cox Mowers.