How to Organize and Increase Storage in the Bedroom

If it seems as if you just don't have enough proper storage in the bedroom, you might not actually need a bigger closet, or even a bigger house. Instead, you might simply need to add some storage accessories that can keep everything neat and at your fingertips, and you might also need to organize all your items in a way that opens up space in the closet and the bedroom itself. Note a few tips for doing this organizing and for increasing storage in your home's bedroom.

Use dead space

Dead space refers to space in the home that is empty and not being used for any purpose. You may not realize this, but you probably have lots of dead space in the bedroom that can be used for storage. For example, consider the bedroom walls and if there is room for shelves that will hold baskets for storing scarves, belts, jewellery, and other smaller items. If there is an empty corner of the bedroom, or one that has a plant or chair you never use, add a covered basket that can be used for storing blankets and extra linens. The area under the bed is probably also just dead space, and you can use bins and baskets to store items there as well.

Use hanging organizers

Hanging organizers, meaning an organizer that works as open shelving or that has pockets on a flat panel, and which hangs from a closet rod, can help to open up drawers in the dresser, and make more room in the closet. Rather than hanging certain shirts side-by-side, for example, you can fold them and store them in these organizers, so they're very accessible while taking up less space in the closet. These larger organizers can also be used for shoes, linens, and other bulky items that take up far too much space in a closet or in drawers. Smaller organizers with pockets can help keep jewellery or makeup organized and visible, and keep them off the dresser and bathroom sink.

Install another wardrobe

If you really do need added closet space in the bedroom, but don't have room to bump out a wall and expand the current closet, install a wardrobe. Wardrobes come in a variety of sizes and can fit in virtually any dead space mentioned above. A new wardrobe can help keep your clothes and shoes organized but hidden away, so you don't need to have items strewn about the bedroom and constantly underfoot.