Why Landlords Should Install Double Glazing Before Letting a Property

Buying a property to let is a great investment, and it can be a nice little earner as long as you've got happy tenants and no long gaps without occupants. While buying the property should be the biggest amount of money you need to get your investment going, there might also be a few things to fix up before you start looking for tenants, or some extras to buy so the property is more enticing.

If the windows are safe and in good repair, it's tempting to just leave them as they are and save your cash. However, it's well worth switching single-glazed windows for double glazing, and here's why.

Find tenants more easily

The home rental market is pretty competitive, so it's not always quick and easy to find new tenants when your property is empty. Anything you can do to make your property a better place to live can be a massive benefit to you.

Because of all the ways double glazing improves the comfort levels in a property, it's a major selling point when you show potential tenants around.

Keep tenants longer

Getting tenants to move into your property is only part of the battle. Once they're there, it's important to keep them for as long as possible so you don't have to go through the process of finding new ones too soon.

When people move in, they'll soon notice those little problems: chilly breezes, noise from outside, high heating or cooling bills. For most people, these issues will quickly become unbearable, and if they're able to find a better option, they will.

Double glazing helps ensure your tenants are comfortable and enjoying their new home, so they'll keep living there for longer.

Reduce the chance of noise complaints

The majority of tenants behave themselves, but there will always be the odd ones who make a lot of noise. This is an obvious problem for neighbours, and in some cases, it's you they'll be complaining to.

Double glazing helps keep noise inside, so the neighbours will have less to complain about and you have one less problem.

Lower the risk of damage

Broken windows are an uncommon problem, but they're an expensive one to fix when they do happen. Double-glazed windows are tough and durable, so the chances of breakages are vastly reduced.

Accidents happen, and you're trusting tenants with one of the most expensive assets you'll have, so anything you can do to make things more durable is well worth doing.