How to Make a Sunroom More Inviting and Enjoyable

A sunroom in a home is a bit different than an outdoor patio or deck, as a sunroom will be enclosed but then have screens or large windows all around it; a sunroom is then an actual room of the home, but with more sunlight and air circulation than a standard interior room. If your home has a sunroom, but you don't seem to enjoy the space, note a few tips for making this room more inviting and enjoyable overall.

Add a fan

Even with open windows all around a sunroom, this might not be enough to actually create airflow, so the space can easily become hot and stuffy during the summer months. A ceiling fan can help to cool the space and create a nice breeze, and it will also work to remove cigarette smoke and pet odours, which is something to consider if you enjoy smoking in the sunroom and allow your pets to lounge there with you!

Bring in plants

Plants help to soften any space in the home, and they can do the same for a sunroom. Even if you struggle to maintain healthy houseplants indoors, remember that the added sunlight in a sunroom can allow plants to more easily thrive. Plants can also clean the air in the sunroom, making it more comfortable, and flowering plants also add some nice splashes of colour to the space.

Add heat

While you might enjoy a sunroom during summertime, you can also enjoy the view to the outdoors during winter if you add heat to the space. However, a sunroom might not have ductwork and vents that connect it to the home's furnace, so consider a split system unit that services just this room, and which provides both air conditioning and heating. With just a small amount of heat in the space, the sunroom can be more enjoyable year-round.


You may not lounge often in the sunroom because you enjoy the feeling of being outside, but may not want to be outside when the sun is too hot or when it's overly humid! As a good compromise, install retractable flyscreens around the sunroom. These screens roll up or slide sideways into a cassette, like window shades, so that you have full exposure to outside air. Retractable flyscreens also allow you to control uncomfortable breezes that come into the sunroom; you can slide the flyscreen over the windows that are being hit by those breezes so the wind is then dispersed and the sunroom doesn't get too cold or draughty.