Choosing the Right Features for Your Caravan’s Awning Wall

An awning wall can be a great feature to add to your caravan, as this type of awning provides more protection from the sun and the elements during your camping holiday. Since there are many types of awning walls from which to choose, and since they all have their own various features and options, note a few tips on selecting the best awning wall for your caravan.


Before you decide on an awning wall with windows, note that these openings might allow in more sand, dust and airborne dirt, especially if you holiday near the beach or in the desert. A window, even when closed, might also allow in some rain and wind, so the awning walls won't be as comfortable as you expect! 

That being said, an awning without windows can allow heat to get trapped under its roof. If you're planning on using your caravan during the warmest of summer months or if you use a grill or camping stove inside the awning, choose one with windows that you can open for more ventilation and to let some of that heat escape.


If an awning has an attached roll-out vinyl floor, it's typically then called a porch or a porch awning. This flooring is good if you need added protection from sand or mud underfoot. It's also a good investment if you want to set up a grill or stovetop under the awning, as that floor will help to keep your cooking equipment safely balanced. A vinyl floor might also be a good storage space for boots, shoes and sandals, so you don't need to wear them inside the caravan, dragging mud, dust and dirt into the trailer with you.

One consideration about an awning with a floor, and something to remember no matter the features you choose for your new awning, is its overall weight. If you have a very lightweight caravan, a heavy awning with walls and a floor can actually cause the trailer to tip during turns or when you hit a bump in the road. 

Heavier awnings can also be a bit more cumbersome for one person to manage when it's time to set them up or tear them down. Be sure you check the overall weight of the awning and note if flooring, thicker walls, added poles or any other feature would make the awning too heavy for your caravan and harder for you to manage while on holiday.