3 Key Benefits of Awnings

If you opt for an awning installation over another type of shade-making system, then you will enjoy a number of benefits. Not only are awnings ideal for creating shade, but they add to the privacy of your home, especially if you happen to be overlooked by tall buildings in the neighbourhood.

A good awning contractor will be able to fit a new one for you within a few hours and without much disruption to your usual routine. A new awning installation is likely to add to the value of your home because it is a feature that is frequently sought-after by would-be buyers. Why else might you have one fitted?

1. Controllable Shade

The great thing about an awning compared to a pergola installation, for instance, is that you can adjust its position. The sun does not sit in one spot in the sky, so your shading system needs to be able to move as it does. A garden parasol can be adjusted, of course, but this has the drawback of needing to be anchored to the floor. An awning can be dropped and raised depending on the height of the sun and the time of year with ease. With a new awning, you will be able to control how much shade you generate at precisely the time you need it.

2. Keep Your Home Cool

Unlike shading systems that are installed elsewhere in your garden, an awning is fitted to the side of your home. A common place to have one installed is over a set of patio or French doors. This is ideal because it will not just create shade outside, but inside too. Large windows or glazed doors often allow too much sunlight in which means that your home can heat up as a result.

This either leads to an uncomfortable temperature inside or an increase in your electricity bill because your air-conditioning system needs to work that much harder. Either way, an awning represents a simple solution to the problem.

3. Attractive Shelter

It is worth bearing in mind that an awning does not just provide shading and privacy. It is a ready-made shelter outside if it happens to rain, too. Therefore, they are ideal for a social gathering outside if you face the prospect of a shower or two. They do this in an attractive way, too. 

Not only are you able to choose from a wide range of awning materials and colours nowadays, but awnings can be fitted with LED lighting, too, in order to make a shelter that continues to make a cosy space to hang out well into the evening.