Two Tips To Choose The Right Shade Sail For Your Pool

Summer is not too far away, which means you need to act now if you want to make any changes to your pool area before the summer heat arrives. Contractors get very busy over the summer months, so you know you want to have a shade sail installed over your pool before they get booked out. However, as someone who has never purchased a shade sail before, you're not too sure exactly what to buy. These two tips will help you choose the perfect product for your pool area. 

UV Blockage

The most important decision to make when choosing a shade sail is the type of UV protection it provides to the swimmers. Considering kids can happily spend hours at a time in the pool over the summer holidays, you want a shade sail which provides the ultimate protection against sunburn.

The amount of UV protection in a shade cloth varies between manufacturer, so ask to see samples of shade sails which offer at least 90% UV blockage. This high amount of blockage combined with constant reapplication of sunscreen means the chances of your family getting burned are greatly minimised.

Not only does the UV rating provide sun protection, but so does the size and shape of the sail.

Size And Shape Matters

It is possible to buy one rectangular shade sail and place this squarely over your pool, but is this the contemporary look you want? Instead, consider two smaller triangular shade sails which sit at an angle over the water. Not only does this option create a pleasing aesthetic, but it also reduces the stress on the shade sail.

When a sail is installed, it is attached to mounting poles which keeps it taut. However, bad weather such as strong winds can damage the shade sail over time. If a large one-piece shade sail gets damaged, then the whole thing needs to be removed for repair or replacement. But, if you have two or three smaller shade sails which overlap to cover the pool area, then the impact of damage is reduced to only one sail.

Finally, contact your local shade sail supplier and invite them out to inspect your pool area before you try to make any final decisions. They can assess the area surrounding the pool, and make recommendations on the perfect product for your needs. By following professional advice, you obtain a shade sail that will last well into the future.