A Complete Guide to Security Doors

Security doors are a great option for improving the security of your home or business. They offer protection from a number of situations such as burglary, bushfire and cyclones. Security doors are available as hinged doors, sliding doors and folding doors. They also vary in style, including various steel structures, handle designs and coloured frames.


Security doors are tested against different methods of intrusion. They can protect against break-ins caused by slicing from knives, heavy pulling, hammers and weight pressure. There are several options available for locking mechanisms for security doors. This includes high levels of encryption which reduces the risk of a break-in. Additionally, security doors can feature multiple levels of locking mechanisms, increasing the degree of security.

Weather effects

Security doors can protect your property in the case of a bushfire. The degree of protection they offer will vary depending on the door, so check that the security door you choose is suitable for your area. Security doors can prevent the spread of flames and block heat from entering your property. They also do not melt, and they withstand damage from embers.

Security doors are also effective in cyclones. They are durable against heavy gusts of wind, and they resist damage from flying wreckage. Security doors are very difficult to break, keeping your home safe from the debris created in cyclones.

Security doors can also resist corrosion, which can occur over time.

Environmentally friendly

Security doors are effective insulators. This means that less energy will be used in maintaining your home's temperature through the use of central heating and air conditioning. This also reduces your long-term costs.


Security doors, unlike traditional doors, require less framing due to the strength of their structure. This means that your door will offer a greater view of the outside. Security doors are available in a range of colours and sizes. The frames can be coloured to a style that suits you. The handles can also be customised. Security doors can even be made on an individual basis to suit your building.

Security doors can be made from meshed steel, which means that fewer fittings, such as screws, pins and rivets are needed. This also reduces the risk of corrosion because it prevents the metals in the frame and screen from interacting, which can usually cause corrosion.  


Security doors typically have a long warranty. This varies between different doors and manufacturers.