4 Ways to Save Money When Renting a Personal Storage Unit

Imagine a situation where you have prepared to move into your new house, but for one reason or another, a contractor fails to complete the assigned work within schedule. If you had given your current landlord a vacation notice, then you might find yourself at a crossroads. Since you have to honour the vacation notice, you need to rent a personal storage unit in such a case. Given that the arrangement is temporary, you might want to save on rental costs. This article provides insights into saving money when renting personal-storage units.

Find a Provider that Offers Other Services -- When planning to move your belongings to a storage unit, packing and transporting them to the provider's premises requires facilitation that adds to the overall cost of the renting the storage space. Instead of burdening yourself with the above activities, find a service provider that offers packing and transport services at a competitive price. Getting different services from a single provider tends to lower the overall cost because of discounts.

Avoid Climate Controlled Units -- Personal storage facilities today cater to a myriad of clients, including those that have belongings that are sensitive to climatic changes. For this group, storage unit service providers offer facilities equipped with climate control tools. Since these are specialised services, rental rates of such units are understandably high. If you must rent a climate controlled storage unit, then you should have climate-sensitive belongings. If you don't, then most of your relatively sensitive properties such as furniture will remain intact in a standard storage unit.

Choose Upstairs Units -- The demand for personal storage units has forced service providers to expand their facilities, with most firms running hundreds of units in a single location. In such cases, the easy-to-access units usually cost more when leasing compared to storage units that are located inside the premises or upstairs. Since you only need the storage unit for a short time, ask for storage units that are on the inside. You will save more money and still enjoy the same level of security like other clients.

Shop for Discounts -- Storage space rental is becoming an increasingly competitive field. Most providers are flexible in their pricing and are willing to offer discounts to customers. For instance, some storage facility providers extend discounts to clients that pay in cash because merchant fees do not apply. The cuts go a long way towards helping you to save on the rent.

For more information and ideas, contact a local personal storage company.