How Under Tile Heating Benefits Babies, Dogs and the Elderly

Nowadays, 20 percent of Australian families live in multi-generational households. And, many of those households have a dog too. With so many generations staying under one roof, it's important to ensure that each generation is comfortable. One way to keep everyone warm during winter is with under tile heating

Nobody likes the ice-cold feeling of cold tiles on their feet first thing in the morning. But under tile heating is much more than that. Dogs, babies and the elderly can all benefit from the warmth offered by under tile heating.

Babies Can Crawl and Play on a Warm Surface

When you are preparing your baby's breakfast or warming up their bottle, it's nice to know that your baby is safe and warm while you do so. With under tile heating, you can turn it on before you enter your kitchen, to warm up the space. Your baby can then play on the warm kitchen floor while you work.

Older People Won't Suffer Joint Pain

Arthritis is a common condition that affects the elderly. And during cold weather especially, arthritis pain can become unbearable. This is especially true for those that suffer from arthritis in the knees, hips and ankles, as these tend to be the worst-hit places in cold weather. Walking on a freezing tile floor on a cold morning or evening then, could make for a short but painful journey.

Fortunately, if arthritis is a problem in your household, you'll be able to turn on your under tile heating before stepping into your cold kitchen or bathroom. You can also program your under tile heating to switch on at peak times during the day. If, for instance, one of your parents likes to take a bath at 8 pm, you can program your under tile heating to switch on at 7:30 pm.

Dogs Will Have a Warm Place to Sleep

If you own dogs, then under tile heating can benefit them too. During winter, a cold floor, especially for an older dog with arthritis, isn't exactly an inviting proposition. Because of that, your dog might spend more time on your furniture. If you'd prefer your dog to sleep on the floor and not on your furniture, under tile heating can help encourage your dog to sleep on the floor, not your sofa.

Do you live in a multi-generational household with pets? Then consider installing under tile heating in your bathroom and kitchen. Every generation can benefit from a warm tile floor.