Why Cabinet Makers Are Not Just Good At Designing Kitchens

When most people hear the term 'cabinet makers', the first things that come to mind are to do with kitchens. While this makes a lot of sense, as that is where most people have cabinets in their house, the term 'cabinet makers' is a bit of a misnomer. Cabinet makers should really be known as room fitters because they can create perfect designs and in-built furniture for every room of the house you can think of. Here are three examples of how cabinet makers can fit out rooms other than just your kitchen and why that is better than buying mass-made options. 

Bedroom Fittings

Cabinet makers are excellent at making wardrobes, dressers and cupboards of all types and fitting any style you want, from classical art-deco through to minimalistic modern varieties. These pieces will always fit the design of your home perfectly because they are built to order. You won't have to go out to a department store and pick the best of the available options. You can also get them sized perfectly, so if you have a space that is too small or too big for store-bought options, you can still get the right size when you hire custom cabinet makers. 

Laundry Or Bathroom

Space is always going to be a very valuable part of any bathroom or laundry room, and cabinet makers are brilliant at making custom-fitting storage options for all the major appliances, like your washing machine, as well as creating areas for your linen, cleaning items and general storage. If you want to squeeze out every bit of space you can in your laundry room and bathrooms, then you need to work smarter with someone who shares your vision. Make sure to ask for their opinion as well, and see if they suggest any interesting ideas that could help you save space that you didn't think of.

Living Room

Getting a nice, blended style in your living room is virtually impossible without custom furniture and fittings. Something is always going to be clashing, whether it is the type of wood, the colours being slightly different or even the finish being too glossy or matte. In a space that is so often the focal point for guests, it is worth spending a bit of extra money to get a complete room fit-out that looks great. Make sure you have an idea in min,d but be prepared to change it based on what the cabinet maker suggests, as they will have a better idea of what you can accomplish and what is too far-fetched due to their experience. 

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