Why Plantation Window Shutters Are A Great Choice For First Home Buyers

Buying or building your first home is something that everyone dreams about doing one day, but it takes a long time to get that financial stability so it is a big step when it finally arrives. If you have finally made that leap of faith and are now looking to decorate your home, then well done! But there are still many decisions you have to make, and it is easy to forget something along the way. Something that you should not forget or spend too little time on is deciding what type of window covers you should buy. Windows are a very important feature in Australia, and as a result, so are the covers. Here are a few reasons why plantation window shutters are great for first home buyers.

Easy To Install

Some window shutters are quite complicated to install because they have a lot of moving parts and special mechanisms that make them work in a unique way. The method behind plantation shutters is very simple and anyone can understand it. That is why it is a relatively simple installation, and one that can be done in less than an hour in many cases (depending on the size of your house and number of windows). The last thing you want when you are about to move in is delays due to window fixtures not fitting properly!

Minimal Maintenance

Your first home is probably going to be a little bit more spartan and utilitarian than someone who is retiring or has a larger budget. As such, you want to save time and money wherever possible, and that includes in the maintenance of the home and its fixings after it has been finished. Plantation shutters have large, flat blinds that are very easy to wipe down with a rag or soft cloth. There are no tiny corners or hidden edges that can gather dust or mould. A simple wipe every few weeks (or more regularly), and your blinds will look amazing.

Timeless Design

Plantation window shutters have been around for hundreds of years and are such a simple design that they have become timeless. That means you won't be beholden to any trends or fads like so many others when designing your first home. Often, those that do get caught up in the moment will spend more money renovating their home in the future, but with plantation window shutters, there is never any risk of that.