5 Reasons to Pick Terrazzo for Your Kitchen Benchtops

Haven't heard of terrazzo? It isn't the most common kitchen benchtop material, but it does come with quite a few attractive benefits. Made from chips of quartz, granite, glass, marble, or other material that are bound together, it is polished smooth to create an ideal working surface. Here are just five great reasons you should pick it for your kitchen benchtops. 1. Affordability Even if you're planning a relatively minor kitchen renovation, it's important to keep an eye on your costs – if you don't, it's easy to see them spin out of control. Read More 

How to Choose a Mesh Fence for Your Home

A mesh fence can be a great choice for any home or residential property, as mesh can allow for air circulation and sunlight into the yard, unlike tall panel fences that can make a space feel downright claustrophobic. Mesh is also good for homes with pets, who may leave claw marks and other damage on wood fences, as well as nose prints and paw prints on glass fences. When you are ready to choose mesh for your home's fence, note a few details to consider, so you can find the right type and material for your needs in particular. Read More 

Important Tips to Keep Your Ride-On Lawn Mower in Top Working Shape

Generally speaking, most home owners often overlook the essential role a lawn mower plays in keeping their landscape clean and tidy. One of the secrets to keeping your lawn mower functioning longer is regular preventive maintenance. Failure to provide the necessary maintenance is a sure way of inviting expensive repairs for your lawn mowing equipment. If you'd like to know how to maintain your ride-on lawn mower, continue reading on below. Read More 

Cleaning and Maintenance Tips for Your Area Rug

Area rugs are a great way to add a pop of colour and some plush cosiness into your home. However, homeowners tend to neglect their cleaning and maintenance, as they assume they do not need as much attention as larger carpets. If your area rug is in a location that receives high traffic, it will steadily accumulate dirt and debris, which would make it harbour pollutants. Moreover, leaving debris to collect in the rug could also translate into the early deterioration of the carpet, as the fibres become compromised. Read More 

5 Tips for Putting Out Electrical Fires

Fires aren't all the same, and the type of fire dictates what you need to do to put it out. If you are facing an electrical fire, there are key steps you should take. Check out the following tips. 1. Don't Use Water Conventional wisdom says to grab a bucket of water if you see a fire, but unfortunately, that doesn't always work. If you're facing an electrical fire, never use water. Read More