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5 Tips for Putting Out Electrical Fires

Fires aren't all the same, and the type of fire dictates what you need to do to put it out. If you are facing an electrical fire, there are key steps you should take. Check out the following tips. 1. Don't Use Water Conventional wisdom says to grab a bucket of water if you see a fire, but unfortunately, that doesn't always work. If you're facing an electrical fire, never use water. Read More 

Three Important Considerations for Glass Shower Screen Selection

If you are interested in enhancing your bathroom space, you should think about installing a glass shower screen. This new feature will boost the visual appeal of the room, giving it a more polished appearance. Also, the screen will separate the shower space with the rest of the bathroom, eliminating the problems caused by splashes and spills. If you are purchasing a glass shower screen for the first time, here are some factors to help you choose the best product. Read More 

The Battle of the Kitchen Benchtops: Granite Versus Marble

Whilst you may be faced with many major decisions in decorating your home, some of the most significant often involve the kitchen. After all, families and friends tend to gather in the kitchen, and it's a room where you'll often spend considerable time during meal preparations. Having the right benchtop for the kitchen can be very important -- but how do you choose between two of the most popular options, granite and marble? Read More 

4 Factors Homeowners Must Consider When Choosing Exterior Shutters

Shutters are increasingly becoming common in modern and traditional homes because of their several benefits. Some shutters are made from sturdy materials such as aluminium, which help protect homes against intrusion. Also, with the right style, shutters are aesthetically pleasing and allow natural light to penetrate homes even when windows and doors are closed. Exterior shutters also protect your home from elements such as sunshine, snow and rain. Here are some factors to consider when choosing exterior shutters for your home. Read More 

How to Choose a Pool for a Small Backyard Space

Homeowners with very large yards and unlimited space can usually choose any type of pool that suits them, with a deep end for diving and even an attached hot tub or sauna for soaking. However, for smaller yards and limited space, you can still have a pool installed, but may need to take a bit more time to choose the right type and size for that space. Note a few tips on how to choose a pool for a small backyard space, so you know what will fit and what to avoid with your new pool. Read More